Turkish Bord Bia backs live cattle exports


    The Algerian market reopened for Irish livestock in late 2016, following a successful trade mission to North African region. 
    Annual imports average approximately 60,000 head, and potential customers have expressed a strong appetite for Irish animals: both young bulls for finishing and dairy breeding stock.
    Bord Bia has travelled to Ireland on a Bord Bia-led itinerary for visiting exporters and farms. 
    It is anticipated that Turkish companies will soon be permitted to import animals themselves, outside of government-owned Meat and Milk Board, ESK. 
    Initial demand is expected to base on continental heifers weighing up to 400kg.
    Calf exports are now gaining momentum, following a slightly later start to the calving season. 
    Up to mid-February, some 1,400 animals had been exported to Spain and just 330 to the Netherlands: Ireland’s two principal calf markets.
    In 2016, these markets accounted for 44,000 head and 27,000 head, respectively, of Irish exports. 
    Bord Bia’s discussions with trade buyers suggest that demand and prices are slightly ahead of last year’s levels. 
    Bord Bia advertisements in a popular Dutch publication De Kalverhouder are recently highlighting health and quality attributes of Irish calves to veal producers.


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