World Harvest, February, 16 , 2017


15 Daesh terrorists have been killed in an operations, staged by the Iraqi air force in the country’s Northern Province of Nineveh.

The attacks destroyed a Daesh command center as well as several tunnels, on which the terrorist group has staged a lot of attacks.
The Iraqi Joint Operations Command also said a number of militant commanders were killed, among them was the self-proclaimed Daesh governor of Mosul, identified as Haqqi Esmaeil Owaid also known as Abu Ahmed. Another man identified as Abu Maha, in charge of Daesh intelligence affairs, was also killed in the airstrike.

-A car bomb has exploded in southern Iraqi capital, Baghdad, causing the death of several people and injuring at least 40 others.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad highlighted, on Thursday interview with French media,   his government’s commitment to liberate every inch of Syria.
"You have ISIS (Daesh) close to Damascus, you have them everywhere," Assad said. "Everywhere is a priority depending on the development of the battle," he added.
"For us it is all the same, Raqqah, Palmyra, Idlib, it’s all the same," Assad pointed out, stressing that it is the "duty of any government" to regain control of "every inch" of its territory.

Canadian Parliament has started a formal process to either approve or reject a legal motion against Islamophobia and systemic racism.

Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, hailed, on Thursday, Hezbollah’s martyred leaders.

China has warned the United States against any military activities in the South China Sea.

The United Nations (UN)’s former special representative for Somalia has warned of the looming threat of famine in the Horn of Africa country, urging for immediate action to put an end to this humanitarian disaster.


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