President Bouteflika offers condolences to Mujaheeda Djamila Amran’s family


    The president said that Algeria has lost one of its heroes, icon of the glorious war of Liberation, late Djamila Amrane who remains a symbol and a model to the coming generations.

     “with a heart completely resigned to the divine will, I pray God Almighty to grant the deceased His Holy mercy and welcome her in his Paradise with the virtuous and sincere  and to give comfort to her family and her comrades-in-arms to whom I offer my sincere condolences,” concluded President Bouteflika.

    It is worth mentioning that the late combatant was born on August 13, 1939 in France and joined the ranks of the National Liberation Army from 1956 to 1962.

    She was a fighter and defender of the national cause. After independence the deceased chose Algerian nationality and worked at the University of Algiers.



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