World Harvest, February, 10th , 2017


Iranians have filled the streets countrywide in order to commemorate the anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The Yesha Council said that the number of Zionists settlers living in the occupied West Bank increased to 421,000 in 2016.

A Palestinian man has injured at least six people in an alleged stabbing attack at a market in the occupied territories before being arrested.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has urged for an end to Zionist regime’s settlement expansion activities in the occupied Palestinian lands.

Over 100 people have been killed in Brazil over several days of anarchy following police’ strike.

Syrian army forces have retaken control over several villages in the strategic northern province of Aleppo.

More than 54 Syrian hostages, including women and children have returned home in Latakia Province following a deal between the Syrian regime and the militants.

Protests are ongoing in Paris for a fourth night over allegations that police abused a black man physically and sexually this month.

USA/ Mexico:
The cost of the wall proposed by US President Donald Trump along US-Mexico border will be about $21 billion, and take more than three years to build.

People in Bahrain have staged protests across Bahrain to in order to rally against the killings of three pro-democracy activists.

A report released by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR),  found that the Bahraini regime in Manama  detained1,300 anti-regime protesters and activists in 2016 , among them  187 children.
This report was released few days before the commemoration of the anniversary of their uprising against the ruling Al Khalifah family.

Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, and his wife were sentenced, by a Tunisian court, to 10 years in prison for corruption.
A spokesman for the prosecution, Sofiene Sliti, said that the two have been found guilty by the court in a case of corruption.

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has approved a bill to introduce change to the country’s political system if such a change is approved in a referendum.

USA/ Russia:
US President, Donald Trump, has told Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, that he will not renew the nuclear arms reduction treaty, seined in 2010, between Washington and Moscow as the deal was bad for the United States.

USA/ China:
Trump told President Xi Jinping of China, that US would continue to honor the so-called One China policy.

Western Sahara:
European MPs called upon, in a meeting of the delegation for the relations with Maghreb countries in Brussels, Morocco to respect Western Sahara sovereignty and to comply with the international law.


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