“Les Merles” and “Mother” give a "spiritual" show in Algiers


    The musical show took place at Ibn-Zeydoun , as part of the concert "The Dreams of Humanity" organized by Riad El Feth (Oref) Office.

    The show has presented a varied repertoire of classical and modern music.

    Les Merles interpreted classics from Andalusian and chaabi, notably "Tahyia bikoum", a text drawn from the Sufi poet Sidi Boumediene, "Ya ahli adrouni" as well as  "Wahd el ghouzeyel”.

    This group is composed of five young musicians, graduated from the Conservatory of Algiers.

    Turning to classical Algerian music, "Les Merles" is named after Abu Hassan Ali ben Nafi (789 – 857), called Ziryab who "formalized and structured the principles of Arab-Andalusian music".

    This group was created in 2015 and is preparing to release its first album.

    In the second part of the evening, the Dutch singer xandra Alkima, also the songwriter of the group "Mother", interpreted several songs of spiritual music which she has composed.

    Drawing from the poems of the Algerian Sufi; Ahmed Ben Mustapha El Alaoui, she performed songs from "Khoudh elsabil (Take the Path), which is the band’s last album, released in 2014.
    At the end of the show, "Les Merles” and" Mother” performed together.

    In 2012, the group released its first album "A song for the world", composed of 14 songs in English, French and Dutch.



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