UFOs incidents took place in Algeria several times- document


    The document showed a number telegrams sent by Algeria to many official bodies in the world regarding flying “machines” were spotted near the countries’ military installations.

    According to discussions on incidents took place in this regard, high ranking military officials attempted to identify such strange items appearing in different regions in the country.

    “Secretary general of ministry defense,col. Abdelhamid latreche, asked me to call at ministry march 7. Purpose of call was to ask me if we could shed any light on strange "machines" which had been maneuvering over Algerian Airspacein recent weeks.” A communication passage in one of the telegrams reads.  

    The source explained an incident took place in the province of Bechar (South Algeria) said “HE SAID « story started last January with appearance three American journalists in Bechar who announced they were there to cover arrival of balloon which taking off from California. I said this was presumably reference to journalists who had come to cover Malcolm Forbes’ proposed flight which had been aborted at last minute.”…etc

    Six communications has been occurred through the leaked document showed many of UFO incident believed to be took place in Algeria, as far as other countries around the world.

    Accordin to the same document, incidents took place in Algeria in the following years”1994, 1960,2004,2003 ,2006”  


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