Ban on imported products encouraged local production


    Directive issued in 2014 have led the local production of building materials to record an increase after recession because of the dominance of imported products, said the minister who visited the 19th International Building, Construction Materials and Public Works Fair “Batimatec 2016.”

    He added that several public and private producers of ceramic and taps in different regions of the country had, not only exhausted their stocks, but they enlarged their units after banning the use of imported products.

    Tebboune said that a list comprising some building materials produced locally and banned from importation was sent the Customs so that to protect national producers, these measures contributed to raising, up to 95%, the integration rate of the national product in housing programmes until we cover the deficit in the production of cement with the new units which will, soon, strengthen the private and public sectors.



    Adel Ben Guessoum 


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