Finance Act 2015: austerity or rigor, finance minister explains


    To avoid to Algeria sinking into an acute financial crisis, Abderahmane Benkhalfa, Minister of Finance recommends, as part of the Complementary Finance Act 2015, measures of "rigor".

    In a speech on the radio Channel 3, Benkhalfa explained that government policy does not aim to introduce austerity but to fight effectively against all forms of waste. "We need a rationality of economic actors and we want the 40 million Algerians not to waste and not to participate in smuggling," he said.

    The first financier of the country aims, among other things, at a "return of investment" to replenish the state’s coffers. In summary this policy is to monetize public investments. "A dinar that we invest today, he says, must bring 4-5 Da in the coming five years." Among the projects to be profitable, he cites highways and rail network.

    As for private companies, the state is committed to continue its investment policy by using fiscal measures and financial assistance. 


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