Tourism & Travel International Fair: 250 exhibitors at the 16th edition


The SITEV held under the theme "invest in tourism, a safe investment" was inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism and Handicraft Nouria Yamina Zerhouni and attended by the Deputy Minister for Crafts, Aicha Tagabo as well as members of the government.

In this context, the Minister stressed the importance of this fair which is, she said, a space to publicize the advantages and facilities offered to actors and investors in this field."

She further stressed the need to "support investment for remedying the deficit recorded in terms of reception facilities and lower prices so that they are within the reach of citizens."

"We have to improve services through training and promotion of business in tourism," added the minister.

For her part, Ms. Tagabo stressed the need to "improve the handicraft product and promote its commercialization" considering that the fair is an opportunity for tourist hotels to set aside areas within their structures for the sale of crafts products.

The Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts to which was attached the Department of Planning under the cabinet reshuffle Thursday by the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, was entrusted to Mr. Amar Ghoul who was Minister of Transport.


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