Tassili II Travellers victims of an armed attack


  • Some travellers of Tassili II to Marseille, who have been forced to return back to Oran port yesterday after water infiltration, have been victims of an armed attack by a gang of thugs on their way to Algiers to take the Tarik ibn Ziyad ship.
  • A man and his mother, who were travelling to Marseille aboard the Tassili II, have been obliged to travel by road to Algiers, where they had to board on Tarik ibn Ziyad, were attacked by thugs armed with swords and other weapons.
  • The latter, who contacted Ennahar to tell their misfortune, had broken down en route to Algiers. A motorist stops to supposedly help them to tow their vehicle, but he calls his followers who arrived immediately armed with swords and knives and took their money goods and valuables objects.
  • The man and his mother were saved by some motorists who have helped them continue their way to the capital.
  • Ennahar/ Omar El Farouk


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