France: Algerian Yahia Belaskri distinguished at “Astonishing Travellers Festival”


  •    Worth 10,000 Euros and accompanied by a promotional campaign in the local daily newspaper Ouest-France, this text has been selected by a jury of ten readers aged 15 to 20 among a selection of ten titles.

       Published by Vents d’Ailleurs, this is the second novel of the Algerian journalist who lives in France since the 1988 riots in his country. The writer paints a portrait of uncompromising contemporary Algerian society through the fate of a couple and especially Delia, a young academic who faces extreme violence of the recent history of Algeria.

       The Robert Ganzo poetry was awarded to Belgian Jean-Pierre Verheggen who lives in Wallonia, "a region where, as elsewhere, he wrote the disease of writing not only has no cure, but causes melancomics metastases" (note, "Melancomics).

       The prize, worth 10,000 Euros, distinguishes the author of a book of poetry of French expression "engaged with the world’s movement away from the formalist closed field laboratories and postmodern affectations.

       The latest book by Jean-Pierre Verheggen, "Poète bin qu’oui, poète bin qu’non", was published by Gallimard in 2011.

    Ennaharonline/ M. O.


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