Intervention units to be kept away from the capital

    • According to information detained by Ennahar, the security chief of the province of Algiers, Mohamed Serrir, has organized a meeting last Thursday, following the request of the Director General of national Security, General Hamel, in the presence of the Chief of republican unit for security, Lakhdar Dehimi and heads of security in the districts of Algiers, to implement a new security policy, based on previous experiences in the management of demonstrations and protests.
    • The aim would be to avoid the use of violence in the management of demonstrations and marches.
    • After the meeting, it was decided to appeal to Republican units of security in non public places in order to avoid giving a bad image of Algeria by the intense police presence in public places, particularly used by the international media whose goal is to provide an image of a police state.
    • According to sources of Ennahar, these units will be required to intervene only in cases of extreme emergency. The management of events will come away from the local police.
    • Ennahar / Dalila B.


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