Algeria wants to keep its privileges on visa to France

    •    The "1968 agreements give preference to Algerians in terms of travel, employment … Our desire is to maintain this preference," he told the daily newspaper L’Expression.
    •    France, he told L’Expression, believes that the new French legislation could be more advantageous than the 1968 bilateral agreement on some points. Mr. Benatallah wish that after reviewing these provisions there is "a situation in preference to keep".
    •    To the Daily El Khabar, in Arabic, he stated that "Algeria will never make concessions on the 1968 agreements."
    •    Mr. Benatallah also responded to a request of reciprocity for French visas issued to the French in Algeria. "The question does not arise, for the simple reason that the 1968 agreements focus on the Algerian community in France and not otherwise."
    •    According to the senior Algerian official, the number of visas issued to the French is "infinitely greater" than that granted by Paris to the Algerians, Algiers meets 95% of applications.
    •    The 1968 agreements regulate traffic, employment and residence of Algerian nationals and their families in France. With the arrival of the Schengen agreement on free movement within Europe, the additional conditions to the issuance of visas for nationals of countries that are not part of this area.
    •    Paris and Algiers have been trying for over a year to sign a fourth addendum to the bilateral agreement of 1968.
    • Ennaharonline/ M. O.


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