Saudi Arabia: King to travel to the United States for medical care

  •    As officially announced, the crown prince returned late Sunday to the Saudi capital from Morocco, to direct the affairs of the kingdom in the absence of his half-brother, King Abdullah.
  •    Prince Sultan bin Abdelaziz who was in "private visit" to Agadir was greeted on his arrival at Riyadh Air Base by key members of the royal family of Al-Saud, according to the official SPA news agency.
  •    "The king’s public appearances and the fact that he has addressed the Saudis (note: to reassure them about his health) prove that his condition is not serious," said Lebanese political analyst based in London Abdel Wahab Badrakhan.
  •    "As the cases required emergency treatment abroad, there are questions about the sustainability of power, but to cut short these speculations, the crown prince has returned from Morocco to direct the affairs of the kingdom," he added.
  •    The royal palace said Sunday that King Abdullah would travel Monday to the United States, on the recommendation of his doctors, to treat a disc herniation complicated by a "bruise," according to the spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Health.
  •    The king is "in stable condition and doing well," said Sunday evening on television the Minister of Health Abdullah al-Rabia, stressing a "transparent" communication about the state of the sovereign, with the publication of several health bulletins.
  • Ennaharonline/ M. O.


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