New privileges for university researchers

    • They will receive special scholarships for overseas training; quality housing specially designed for them in addition to a new salary scheme which will be supported by premiums and expenses that will be announced next November by the President of the republic.
    • Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia will present tomorrow Thursday a statement on the Government’s general policy in the field of higher education and scientific research on new measures, such as, wage increases, the new benefits system will be announced during the official opening of the academic year 2010/2011, beginning November this year, in addition to opening new financial positions for the benefit of university teachers, scholarships for training abroad and luxury accommodations specifically designed for teachers of higher education and scientific research.
    • Ouyahia will present the government’s general policy to members of the NPC, within the five-year plan 2010/2014 on higher education and scientific research.
    • 2500 new posts for resident doctors during the next five years.
    • 2500 university teachers will benefit from scholarships abroad for the same period, with full support of the state.
    • The salaries of university teachers will experience a significant increase, up 100% and 150%.
    • Ennahar / Hadjer H.


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