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...Friend's marriage... in Algiers university.


Cases of customary marriages were registered in Algeria and precisely in the Algerian universities. Couples are secretly married by an informal act, such as the so called by orientals "temporary marriage" Ennahar made a report on the subject to clarify what is happening behind the Algerian universities walls. Customary marriage, or "Zawadj El MoutaĆ¢: temporary Marriage" as known in the fikh in Islam. We wanted to know more about the subject and especially what is said, since the topic is a matter that touches the sacred side of the society, especially that many similar cases had been treated in justice.

We started from the Institute of El Kharrouba in Algiers, where there are the faculties of Islamic Sciences and that of economic sciences, after hearing that there have been a marriage of this type.
We preferred to do our work in discretion in order to gather as much information as possible on the subject.

At the faculty reception hall, we have been informed that students were in holidays. We then pretended to seek a student studying in this faculty, We gave a particular description of her, and our interlocutor advised us to ask a teacher at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences who could fix an appointment with that kind of girls.

We then pretended seeking to know what Sharia says about this kind of marriage, and he confided that the teacher in question will give us more explanation since he was a specialist in Islamic sciences.
We met several people inside the faculty who wished to remain anonymous. They tell us that there have been similar cases to the one which happened six months ago. Several cases of this kind of marriage have been reported and the concerned persons have refused to say more. The Dean of the Faculty has described illegal and that it is recognized neither by the Shariah nor by the law.

Ennahar meeting students victims of "temporary marriages"

At the university of Algiers, we met a student who was one of the victims of fetwa related to friend’s marriage under the cover of religion. It was 15.20, Amel, 28, tells us what she had lived. She was crying. She said it was the mistake of her life. She believed because it came from a fetwa of religion which was advertised in the university by the "Salafists". At first she was reluctant, then she agreed to talk. She tells us that a student Salafist wanted a relationship with her, and that she has being convinced by a university professor. His psychological state, in addition to the impact of religion on her make her agree to be bound by this secret marriage held in a hall of the university as a act, to which, students were present as witnesses and the professor as the tutor of the student. The act was then transcribed in a register kept by the teacher, in which the student declares his marriage and swearing to make the necessary arrangements to confirm the marriage after university


We left Amel with her sadness, because her pseudo husband had abandoned her and we went to gather additional information.

Witness students who were in contact with their professors via electronic mail.

During our search we met Fella who told us that the first contact was by email. The girls then send their contact information by email to teachers who find ideal husbands in order to build their futures, according to their profiles. They are then entered in a registry, and they are married at the end. Fella says it is very easy to have a teadcher’s email address, for a friend's wedding.
Just contact the university administration to ask the professor's email. Something confirmed by "Ennahar" in regard to the circular dated on December 2008 from the University of Algiers.

The deans of faculties of Sharia and Law request an investigation.

We contacted Mr. Toumi and Mr. Semaï, respectively Deans of the faculties of Sharia and economics who have confirmed that these facts were dishonorable for the university of Algeria, but are considered illegal, either by sharia or by the law.
"Instead of being a place of learning, there are some people who make the university a place of quackery and bad behavior," says Mr Toumi.
As for Mr Semaï, Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, who confirmed the illegacy of such marriage. He asked the victims of these cases, attributed to professors at the Institute of Sharia, to denounce them so that arrangements can be made and that these people are punished.

The students’ organization denounces

Ennahar received a statement from the National Union of Algerian Students UNEA, denouncing what they call "dishonorable acts for the university" essentially what is happening within the Faculty of Islamic Sciences (Sharia) and of the economcs. The statement, signed by the Chairman of the Board, through which they believe the university authorities must assume their responsibility, and also condemning the silence on such practices from the guardianship, adding that the university has become, by force of these practices, a place of perversion rather than a place of knowledge.

 Issam Bourbie

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