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Sheikh Ferkous: "Victims of events are not martyrs"


Algiers- The Algerian Salafist imam, Sheikh Mohamed Ali Ferkous, issued a new fatwa in which he disclaims the title of Shahid (martyr) to any persons died in demonstrations or protests

  • In his fatwa, Sheikh Ferkous declares that "demonstrations, marches and sit-ins organized in the public squares, whether violent or peaceful, are not in our practices as Muslims. They are negative practices of democracy.
  • All revolts, demonstrations and marches throughout the Muslim world, according to the Sheikh are only practices inherited from the French Revolution. Our nation," he said, by these practices opens the door to the cultural invasion by adopting forms of rebellion that are strange to Islam, Fitna, and which generate only moral and material damage.
  • For Sheikh Ferkous, the Shahid (martyr) is the one who is killed while fighting the infidels and before the war ends. Whoever is killed for his religion, the drowned, the woman who dies in childbirth, the one who dies defending his religion, his honour or his family.
  • Apart from these, others can not be regarded as martyrs.
  • Ennahar / Amine Chaouche

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