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Swine flu: 81 new cases recorded in schools


Algiers- The Ministry of Education has registered 81 cases of influenza A H1N1 among schoolchildren across the national territory. These cases included 41 boys and 40 girls from different school levels.

  • The number of cases infected with influenza virus A H1N1 in schools has reached 81 cases, according to the services of the Ministry of Education last November 29.

    The province of Algiers has recorded the highest number of cases infected with the virus of swine influenza with 24 cases including 10 boys and 14 girls. Four cases have been recorded in “Alexandre Dumas international High School” in Ben Aknoun while Ain Temouchent comes second with 19 cases, all registered in the town of Beni Saf.

    Moreover, the services of the province of Tizi Ouzou have registered 16 cases while 9 were recorded in the province of Constantine. Four cases were registered in M Medea and two cases in the provinces of Oran and Bouira. One case was registered in each of the provinces of Batna, Tlemcen and M'sila.

    Ennahar / Sami Si Youcef / Nachida Kouadri

    Special Release No. 45
    (Tuesday 01 December 2009)
    Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform announced that thirty-six (36) new cases of influenza H1N1 have been confirmed this day Tuesday 01 December 2009 including, unfortunately, (01) new fatal case.
    The fatal case occurred in Constantine, it concerns a man of 37.
    The other confirmed cases are as follows:
    • Ten (10) cases in Algiers: three women aged 63, 43 and 34, five men aged 72, 47, 39, 31 and 22, a 16 year old and a boy of 07.
    • September (07) cases in Constantine: two young women aged 27 and 20 and a girl aged 11 and a 36 year old man and two boys aged 07 (on contact) and an adolescent of 17.
    • Two (02) cases in Setif: a 35 year old man and a young man of 20 (on contact).
    • Three (03) cases in Batna: a young man of 27 (on contact), a 16 year old (on contact) and an adolescent of 16.
    • Three (03) M'sila case involving two young girls of 19 and 17 (subject contact) and a young woman of 20.
    • Three (03) cases in Biskra: a young woman of 29 (on contact), a young 21 year old woman and a young man aged 29.
    • Two (02) cases in Tizi Ouzou: a man of 42 and a girl of 09.
    • A (01) case in Annaba: a woman of 56 (on contact).
    • A (01) case in Bouira: a man of 42.
    • A (01) case in Djelfa concerning a girl of 04.
    • A (01) case in Ghardaia on a young man 27.
    • A (01) case in Oran on a young woman of 32.
    A total of 335 cumulative cases have been confirmed on December 01, 2009 including 04 deaths.
    The measures provided for in the national plan of struggle against the pandemic influenza A/H1N1 have been initiated and epidemiological investigations around these cases are continuing.
    The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform (MSPRH) said that respect for certain rules of hygiene can reduce the risk of transmission of influenza viruses. This is the regular and frequent washing of hands with liquid soap, preferably several times per day including returning home and before each meal and use the Kleenex to blow his nose, sneeze or cough.
    Anyone experiencing a high fever, cough, body aches, fatigue should call the number 3030 or visit the nearest health centre.
    The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform recalls a hotline (free call) 3030 is available to the public and additional information on this disease can be found on the website
  • Ennahar/ M. Oudina

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